[EP] Kae Sun – Outside The Barcode

“It’s not about making music to get something out of people, but rather sharing experiences, capturing moments and communicating through music and lyrics,” Kae Sun.

I interviewed Kae Sun a year ago which you can check out on The Come Up Show, Kae Sun is orginally from Ghana and he has been living in Canada for the several years. When he returned to his homeland it truly reignited his drive for sharing his raw experiences, the whole EP was recorded on 2-inch tape on a farm in Ontario!!! Kae Sun wanted to focus on sharing instead of dictating your experience when listening to Outside The Barcode.

Recorded on 2-inch tape on a farm in Ontario the raw acoustic songs recall the sense of community and authenticity that inspired the tracks. Kae’s focus was to create a more shared listening experience rather than dictating his audience’s experiences.