[Video] Shad – “Flawless” (Ninja Scroll AMV) (Prod. Frank Dukes)

If you ever listened to Flow 93.5 more than a year ago then you most likely are familiar with The Real Frequency. It is no longer on the air since Flow made “programming changes” but that doesn’t stop The Real Frequency’s from releasing a New North compilation album. I believe this is the second compliation which showcases some of the best artists from Toronto. The first joint Flawless, features Shad and producer Frank Dukes. Here is what Musiklee Inzane who used Ninja Scroll animation for the video had to say about Flawless. For more check out The New North website.

The songs’ driving beat and Shad’s flow brings an energy and imagery of high speed action. Every time I listened to this song, anime came to mind, specifically the classic and my favourite, Ninja Scroll. So I felt I had to put the two together.

Listen to the New North compilation album in full at Bandcamp.