[Mixtape] L – Just Rap

I heard about L via Ron D’s 4 Play which also featured Kim Davis and Daniel Daley, it was a Toronto SMASH. From there I connected with L at the Elzhi show last Friday in Toronto and the rest is history. He just dropped a brand new mixtape titled Just Rap. The logic behind that name is described below, stream the full mixtape on the bandcamp player below and download link is available below for your listening pleasure. Feel Good Music!!

L’s primary focus on his new mixtape was based off two simple words: just rap. In an industry where the core roots of hip-hop music have taken a backseat to flashier feels, Just Rap allows L to step outside of the ‘rapper box,’ and truly embrace the role of emcee. Learning the history of your craft is undeniably an important element to L’s style; being able to understand the poetics of a rhyme and the versatility of a flow let’s L flourish in his own music. With his witty punchlines, vivacious lyricism, and salient flow, L’s dynamic sound encompasses elements from the Golem Era with new school vibes.

Download: L – Just Rap