[Video] OVO Fest 2011 (Nas, Lil Wayne, J.Cole, Stevie Wonder, Rick Ross)

Did Drake outdo himself from last years concert isn’t the question people should be asking. How about what other artist from Canada has brought this much attention to one city. I was in the city Sunday and all I could see on twitter was the hype from OVO Fest. How could there not be rumours flying around of who would be a surprise guest? Most of those rumours were true, Drake brought out Nas, J.Cole, Lil Wayne, and the legendary Stevie Wonder. Fair to say a good portion of the audience didn’t care that much for him because I seen on twitter “Stevie Wonder is on too long”.

In my opnion, Drake had a very successful show this year and as long as he keeps the OVO Fest going every year, this will be a legendary concert series that the whole world will come to see. Bravo Drake, Bravo.