[Video] Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers- “Easy Does It”

Muneshine says its not easy being greasy but he plays the part really well in this video. Ha Ha. From the Larger Than Life (EP) by Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers, Easy Does It is directed by Matt Power.

Download: Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers- “Easy Does It”

**an excerpt from ‘The Cape That Couldn’t Fly: The Making of Easy Does It’. A memoir by video director, Matt Power.

The Rain wouldn’t stop falling. Thank god, because I couldn’t stop crying. The rain has always been the perfect camouflauge for my tears, wanted or not. This was my first video. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t categorize them. Joyful? Angry? Frustrated? Maybe a mixture of all three? I was crying. That’s all I knew.

My D.O.P., Dan Jardine asked, “Is dat a Toyota, boss?”

“No, Dan. It’s a minivan.”

He was obsessed with Toyotas. I wanted him obsessed with shooting this video, but his mind was elsewhere. I wiped the ‘raindrops’ from my cheek. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Muneshine, the composer of Easy Does It. A gifted artist. An artist I had promised the world. But I felt the world I had promised was crumbling.

“Can you stop crying? We need to finish this shot before 6pm. It’s 5:30.”, begged an impatient Muneshine.

“We have to wait for the rain to stop.”

“But we’re shooting inside the salon. Indoors. Rain is irrelevant. Stop crying like a pussy and let’s finish this scene!”

A pussy? Is that what I’ve become? A juvenile insult? Funny. I wasn’t a pussy when I graduated from NYU (Newfoundland Yellowfish University). Far from it. I was a hero. My short documentary on Ladybugs received a standing ovation by the entire faculty. 87 students rose to their feet in tears. Now here I sit. A pussy. In tears. I wiped the rain from my face and rose to my feet. Hungry. Ready. I once again stood before NYU. A hero. It was time to finish this motherfucker!

“Hey boss! Look! Is dat a Toyota?”

“Yes, Dan. Yes. It is a Toyota.”

I stared at the child who sat in the backseat of that black Lumina, targeting me with both of his middle fingers. I fought tears.

“Goodnight, Toyota.”

The Cape That Couldn’t Fly: The Making of Easy Does It by Matt Power hits bookshelves in 2012. For now, enjoy the video…