[Video] Music 101 with George Stroumboulopoulos

Welcome to MUSIC 101. We’re happy to introduce this dynamic new EXCLUSIVE series on HipHopCanada, with your host, Alex “The Can-Con Don” Narvaez. Music 101 will offer periodical video interview exclusives with artists and influential members of the music scene. The Cancon Don

Alex and George Stroumboulopoulos discuss Hip-Hop, selling out, commercialism, and much more. George also talks about his influences, when he first started listening to Hip-Hop and who he looked up to. One of the things he says in this interview is that “Tupac is a studio gangsta” which I don’t really agree with. Check the video to see why he says that and more.

I really do want your opinion on that statement though. Is Tupac a studio gangsta?