[Interview] The Airplane Boys talk about their live performance, influences, and their fans

The Airplane Boys live @ Snoop Dogg Concert

You might have seen The Airplane Boys open up for Big Sean, J.Cole’s Canadian World Tour, or Snoop Dogg this past summer. The Airplane Boys have also been featured on magazines like The Vibe and blogs like 2 Dope Boyz. It was The Come Up Show’s turn to sit down with these talented artists and we did so at the Snoop Dogg concert in London, Ontario.

I was curious to know what The Airplane Boys approach was to their live performance, since they have opened for legends and current superstars. The Airplane Boys also discuss their influences and how it shaped them as the artists they are today and last but not least they talk about their fans and what they mean to them. If you haven’t already download their latest mixtape Where You’ve Been and make sure to check out the photo gallery of their performance.