[News] The Weeknd turned down 7 million dollar recording contract

Before I post up news or rumours, as a journalist I always consider the source. It’s very important to always know who is reporting the news, are they doing it for attention or is it valid. With that said, one of the Weeknd’s tour manager Cashup who is also Belly’s manager posted an article from Atlnightspots today that The Weekend aka Abel Tesfaye was offered a 7 million dollar recording contract.

Abel turned it down, even though there are no specific details whether it was a 360 deal, which means the label gets a piece of touring and merchandise for an artist that only really blew up this year it’s unheard of being offered that much money. Times are changing.

What do you think? Should The Weeknd have turned down that much money? Download Echoes of Silence on The Come Up Show.