[Video] Common Responds To Drake after calling him “Sweet”

If you listened to Common’s Sweet from his newest album The Dreamer/The Believer in the second verse he targets all the “soft rappers” you can read the lyrics below. So Drake heard the song and said if you got something to say then say it to my face. From there Common did a radio interview with The Riot in Chicago and Common straight up said yes it’s targeted towards Drake and anyone else who took offence.

Common Sweet Lyrics.

Yeah, man, y’all niggas man, you soft muthfuckers
Yeah my man, muthafcker
Then come around my crib
You know where I’m from
Some hoes ass niggas
Singing all around me man, la la la
You aint muthaf-cking Frank Sinatra
Uh, lil bitch
Yeah, this the raw right here
Yeah this the raw right here nigga
Sweet muthafuckas
Sweet ass bitch muthafucka

Shortly after 40 tweeted Common with his thoughts AND Q-Tip had to join the conversation too!!

Commom did another interview with Sway today to confirm his feelings. What do you guys think? Did Common unnecessarily pick on Drake? Is it fair game being that Hip-Hop is competitive and anyone can call you out?