[Mixtape] Phil Ade- #PhilAdeFriday2

Who is Phil Ade? He’s from DC, which is home to Wale and he is also part of Raheem Devaughn’s 368 Music group. I’m personally catching up on this guy with all the music he has previously released before A Different World. That’s when I got put on to Phil Ade this past summer since then I’ve been going back to see what else he has released, I discovered #PhilAdeFriday a week or so ago and another mixtape before that The Letterman which I haven’t downloaded yet. Then Phil Ade just released #PhilAdeFriday2 which is his latest project so I had to share that with you. Don’t sleep on this dude 2012 will be his come up year!!

He also just released a music video with Casey Veggies titled “P.O.P. Music” which you can find on the #PhilAdeFriday2 mixtape.

Download: Phil Ade- #PhilAdeFriday2