[Album] Don Cash- City

Over the last month, I re-recorded all the vocals on City in a proper studio, remastered the tracks, changed a couple mixes and added 2 brand new bonus tracks. This Edition really is deluxe! Check it out and let me know what you think. Don Cash.

It’s been a minute since I heard from Don Cash, when I checked our music inbox I wasn’t sure if this was the same Don Cash who made songs like Downtown Girl, Trans Am, and others. When I visited his facebook fan page I got my confirmation, it’s good to hear more music from him, and I have to say I haven’t figured out Don Cash yet and that might be a good thing.

He sings, raps, produces and everyone nowadays is multi talented but with Don Cash, he almost creates different type of genres. Like I said I couldn’t tell if this was him in his latest project City because it definitely sounds so different from the previous links I posted. Check it out for yourself, I do dig it though and will continue to keep supporting him!

Download: Don Cash- City