[Review] Phil Ade- Friday II Mixtape

Prolific Maryland emcee Phil Ade definitely goes hard on his latest mixtape, Friday II, which was released through his record label, 368 Music Group on December 30, 2011 and mixed by DJ Money. Now the interesting thing about Phil Ade is that he is a rapper from the Suburbs of Maryland, yet Phil Ade rhymes like he is straight from the hood. However, these days it is becoming more and more common for rappers to come from all walks of life and different socio-economic levels, as Hip-Hop has become ever increasingly main stream. However, Phil Ade does not try and be anyone else on his records; he just raps from the heart. For instance, on Ade’s remix of Drake’s “Headlines”, Phil Ade rhymes, “this prodigy cause a havoc, but I ain’t deep in the mob, rappers tell me who has it, because I’m leavin’ them robbed”. Moreover, the thing I love about Phil Ade is that he doesn’t try to take himself too seriously and just has fun with his rhymes. For instance, as Phil Ade points out on “Make A Move”, “I’m going a hundred miles and running the game, bringin’ back the fun to the game, hip-hop music, we one and the same”. Not to mention the fact that Phil Ade has some serious rhyming skills, as demonstrated in the previous song lyric quotes from “Deadlines” and “Make A Move”.

In addition Phil Ade seems to be a really humble individual, even though he can at times be arrogant on his songs such as, “Crab Cake”. For instance, Phil Ade has a whole track entitled, “Shout Outs” on Friday II, in which he gives shout outs to people and businesses that have supported his music career. But then at the same time on tracks, such as, “Crab Cakes”, Phil Ade raps about supporting people who are coming up in the ghetto. Another thing I love about Phil Ade’s latest mixtape, Friday II is that there are a lot of soulful beats, including tracks, such as, “Make A Move”; “Let It Shine”, and “No Talking”, which works well with Phil Ade, as he has a lot of soul and personality himself. Moreover, the production on Phil Ade’s latest mixtape, Friday II is extremely good, which features producers such as, The Official, Sunny Norway and Mark Henry. And lastly, the amazing thing about Phil Ade is that despite being such a talented emcee, his mixtapes, such as, Friday and Friday II only have a few guest rapper appearances on them, which just shows that Phil Ade is an extremely talented emcee who has been slept on for too long. Some noteworthy tracks, which are definitely worth a listen on Phil Ade’s Friday II mixtape, include, “Let It Shine”; “Deadlines”; “Make A Move”; “No Talking” and “Not Enough”. All in all Phil Ade’s latest mixtape, Friday II is a strong follow up to his previous mixtape, Friday, which was released in early June of 2011.

Download: Phil Ade- Friday II Mixtape