[Interview] Game talks about Heavy D, Kendrick Lamar, Toronto

The Game @ St. Andrews Hall Detroit

First I have to say I’m thankful I got the chance to interview Game because I was only granted a media pass for photography and video for his concert at the St.Andrews Hall in Detroit.

I hustled my way backstage and convinced a member of Game team to do an interview. Shout out to whoever his videographer was because he pulled off this interview for me. Being a Game fan for a long time, I was excited to get the chance to interview him. Especially since he couldn’t cross the border last year so we drove all the way to Detroit to be able to cover his show. I had around 5-7 questions prepared and I’m not sure if I caught the Game in a bad mood, or maybe he just doesn’t like interviews but I felt like I got stiffed a little bit. I maintained my composure and kept going with my questions, now when I watch this interview I laugh hard especially at 1:38 in the interview. Check the interview for sure as I try to ask Game about Heavy D, Kendrick Lamar, Toronto and what music means to him.