[Audio] Derek Christoff- ​The Unknown Radio Show

My homie D-Sisive has a podcast now!! I think that makes us competition. Na I might evene incorporate this into my show it’s only 10 minutes long. Check out the blurb below on what D-Sisive had to say about his new radio show titled The Unknown.

It’s my new radio show! Well, it’s my only radio show. In fact, it’s not on the radio, so, it’s not really a radio show at all. A podcast? I like saying Radio Show more. Tarzan Dan never had a podcast. So…It’s a radio show. My Radio Show!

The Unknown.

I called my radio show The Unknown because I plan to tell you shit that’s unknown to you. Originally, it was going to be an hour of my favourite songs. But after a conversation with Orin Isaacs, who’s producing the show, we came up with something a bit better. I realized there’s already one Ryan Seacrest. And he’s gorgeous. Why try to step on his toes? I’d rather step on my own toes.

Each episode will feature two songs. Two songs by two artists that inspire me. Along with those songs, I tell the story of said inspiration. That, and lots of laser sounds! Radio is full of laser sounds!

I’m nervous about it. Excited. Nervous excitement! You have no idea how hard it is to read out loud. Not an easy task. I can rap for long periods of time. With ease. But reciting from a notebook page? Hard as fu*k! I hope you don’t think it sucks!