[Interview] Richie Sosa talks twitter, Drake, Outta Shape shorties

When I’m at the gym I Luv watching the outta shape shorties. I think it’s because the look of determination that envelops their essence is so admirable. Richie Sosa

Imagine being just down the parking lot from the Snoop Dogg concert and you with 10-15 artists from Toronto about to do an interview. Richie Sosa completely ripped the stage opening for Snoop Dogg, most of the London audience most likely didn’t know his music but his presence and personality made him very easy to relate. Especially his vulgar style of telling jokes. I can tell people were asking who is this guy? He’s funny and he can rap. One of the reasons I was proud to interview Richie Sosa, I asked him what people should expect when they follow him on twitter, Sosa shows respect for Drake and talks about Outta Shape shorties. Make sure to also check out our full interview with Sese, Jesse and J Probs and the other homies in this interview.