[Interview] Raekwon and JD Era about to make History

When I was preparing for my interview with JD Era and Raekwon, I felt something special is really about to happen with these two teams, (Ice H20 and BMMG). Raekwon has planted the flag in Canada when he set up his Ice H20 office downtown. JD Era being the first signee, you better believe success is the outcome.

You have a very hungry JD Era who has been consistently progressing in his career; the mixtapes, singles, TV appearances on The Score and CBC, you can tell this is only the beginning. So when it was time to do this interview with JD Era and Raekwon, I wanted it to be very clear to the viewers that this is truly history in the making. Not only for JD Era but for Canadian Hip-Hop. Watch this interview and see what happens in the next few years. The Come Up Show proudly presents our interview with JD Era and Raekwon the Chef.