[Photos] Jay-z shares first pictures of his child Blue Ivy Carter

A star is born. I’m surprised Hov and Beyonce have shared pictures of their baby this quick! But I think everyone was curious of how Blue Ivy Carter looked like. These are some amazing pictures. Earlier today I talked about how Jay and Beyonce trademarked their daughter’s name and today they release pictures of their child. I hope it’s not to try to make a business of her daughter…but who am I to judge? Check out these amazing pictures.

Update: After a discussion with a friend, I realize that it’s a smart move on her parents to release these pictures. If they wanted to keep Blue Ivy a secret just think of how crazy paparazzi would go to try to get a picture and whoever got the first pictures would probably get a lot of money for the premier. So by Hov and B releasing the pictures first they prevent that situation…smart move.