[Instrumental] Do The Dilla 2012- A Tribute to J Dilla

Whoaaaaaaaaa is all my ears are saying! Wow, I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this compilation featuring over 18 tracks by beatmakers from around the world, covering J-Dilla’s classic tracks. Most of these producers I don’t even know expect Moka Only and a few others. You got MR DIBIASE, TA-KU, MR COMB, MOKA ONLY, LEFTO, CHIEF, DEHEB, ABBY LEE TEE, WILLY SUNSHINE, BOOMBAPTIST, JAZZO & MELODIESINFONIE, ELAQUENT, SEBB and much more. Check it out and let me know what you think.

For the 6th year anniversary of his death, the Food for ya Soul collective, the silkscreen print Do the Right Print studio & the label Feelin Music came together around a common project in memory of J-Dilla. The Do The Dilla concept is born. The idea is to bring together different artists to work and perpetuate J-Dilla’s art in order to give the audience a new visions of Dilla’s creations. A selection of beatmakers from across the world, as well as FFYS, DTRP & Feelin Music members worked for free to create a record containing Jaydee’s classics remixed.