[Review] Phife Dawg Concert @ Apk Live Feb 16 (London)

The Phife Dawg concert at Alex P. Keaton (APK) Live on Thursday, February 16 was quite a special affair, as it was Phife Dawg’s first show in London, Ontario. In addition, there was a strong line-up of South Western Ontario opening Hip-Hop acts, including Young Stunna, Soundminds, and Raz Fresco, who were backed up by highly respected local DJ, DJ Ruckus, who also recently DJ’ed for Raekwon at his concert on January 20th at the London Music Hall.

The evening’s entertainment was kicked off by London emcee, Young Stunna who performed about four songs, including the crowd favourite, “Stick Up”. Shortly following Young Stunna’s performance, local underground Hip-Hop trio, Soundminds hit the stage to perform a great high-octane set of smooth and funky tracks from their music catalogue. After Soundminds finished performing, prolific seventeen year-old Toronto rapper and producer, Raz Fresco hit the stage to perform a great set of a variety of his tracks from the past three years, including, “Beatboxing”, “O.G. Raptor 7’s”, “Donald Trump”, and two new tracks from his forthcoming mixtape, Cakey Pockets, including “In the Zone” and “Villainry”. However, some of Raz’s best performances on Thursday evening at APK Live were “O.G. Raptor 7’s “, and “Donald Trump” from his last mixtape, MCMXCV (1995).

Now by the time Phife Dawg appeared on stage at APK Live, the crowd was already amped up to a fever pitch and went buck wild once Phife hit the stage. And despite Phife Dawg not performing with his A Tribe Called Quest bandmates, Phife was definitely in fine form on Thursday night, as he performed a wide variety of A Tribe Called Quest hits, including “Can I Kick It”, “Oh My God”, “Bonita Applebum”, “Scenario”, and “Find A Way”. However, my favourite Phife Dawg performances from his concert on Thursday night at APK Live were “Can I Kick It”, “Scenario”, “Oh My God” and “Find A Way”.

All in all, the Phife Dawg concert on Thursday, February 16th at APK Live was a great concert, filled with strong performances from all parties involved. However, clearly Phife Dawg owned the night with a stellar performance set of highly memorable, A Tribe Called Quest hits, including “Can I Kick It”, “Oh My God”, “Scenario”, and “Find A Way”. And hopefully it will not be the first and last time that Phife Dawg graces the stage at a venue in the Forest City.

All photography by Camille Porthouse except Raz Fresco by Mehek Seyid.