Friend’s become stranger just to destroy and rebuild…Nas you think they ready? Damn the rap game is about to get a face lift!! I’m reloaded.- AZ

I got the opportunity to link up with AZ when he was in Toronto for Rock The Bells which featured Nas, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, and Lauryn Hill. AZ had a few minutes after he came back from an after party with Nas and Preemo. AZ talked to me about Doe Or Die 2, a follow up after the classic Doe or Die, he told us it’s on a whole another level since it’s been 15-16 years in the making. Another common remark you hear about AZ is how underrated and unappreciated he is, so he told us what he thought about that. I also asked AZ what plans him and Nas had since they plan to give “the game a face lift”. Check this out and more in our interview with AZ on The Come Up Show.