[Album] Quake Matthews – “The Book of Matthew”

I was recently talking about the high quality of music coming out of the East Coast right now, and Quake Matthews definitely fits that category. The Book of Matthew is Quake’s latest endeavour, and it’s a solid album all the way through. Good news for you, the dude was generous enough to put it out for FREE! Normally when I listen to an album, I jump onto one or two songs first and the rest gradually grow on me. This time, I was jumping on nearly all of them. Early favourites are “Story of the Underdog”, “Back to the Song”, “Set You Free”, “Can I Breathe”, and “Don’t Mention It”. D.O. of Art of Fresh agrees:

Download the album below, and stream “Can I Breathe”.

Download: Quake Matthews – “The Book of Matthew”