[Album] David Dallas & Forty One – Purple Tinted

Originally, I had planned to speak on just one track from Purple Tinted, called Make Up. Although, after listening to the album in full I believe the entire work deserves the shine. Purple Tinted is a remixed version of David Dallas’ 2011 release of The Rose Tint Album. Remixed entirely by Forty One, Purple Tinted projects a great new feel to the entire album and unlike most remixed records, it sounds amazing and takes nothing away from the original records, in terms of intent and meaning. A few highlight tracks for me were Make Up, John’s Postcard, & Ain’t Perfect, the album is on Forty One’s Bandcamp page, which is available for download, you choose the price style. This is truly a great remixed album, so dont sleep. Streams of the entire album is down below for your enjoyment.