[Audio] Ayah and Slakah The Beatchild- “Keep Up” (Prod. Slakah The Beatchild)

What a pleasant surprise this was to wake up to; Slakah The Beatchild collaborated with Toronto songstress Ayah to bring us their latest song Keep Up. A nine minute and twenty eight second pleasure for our ears, this isn’t the same R&B/Soul music we have come to expect from Slakah and Ayah, Keep Up has an old school garage sound and just a few lyrics like “catch me if you can” sprinkled throughout the song. I love it and I’m curious to know what you think. Check out the song below on bandcamp and if you like support by purchasing it.

When we can, we love giving music away for free simply for the pure love and desire to spread real music, uninfluenced by a label, industry or pop culture, but if you like this one, please purchase it, thank you.