[Video] Saukrates Philosophy – Part 1

Saukrates recently dropped Part 1 of a series of interview-style videos, entitled “Saukrates Philosophy”. The interview series was conducted by Yousuf Kalaf. In Part 1, he explains the feeling he wants to convey with his upcoming album, Season One, which drops April 24th. Be sure to also check out the music video for Saukrates’ latest offering, “Say I” featuring OB O’Brien.

“I grew up playing a lot of sports, and you know, still enjoy playing, so to affiliate it with the beginning of a football season, or basketball season. You know, the amount of buzz that goes on worldwide. First of all, you’ve got new beginnings. That falls in line with the listeners who have been around for awhile, and are familiar with the work. And for the new [listeners], a refreshing journey.”