[Video] ScHoolboy Q says 50 Cent “probably saved my life”

In an interview with Vibe, the Black Hippy member opens up about 50 Cent’s influence on his music, and how he saved his life by inspiring him to pursue rap music after he got out of jail.

“We got the same shit going on. Everything he talk about is the same shit I did. I relate to Fifty…I can listen to 50 Cent and tell he really mean what he’s saying. He’s one of them n***as that got a way with confidence. Fifty ain’t got the best bars, he ain’t got Jay-Z bars but his confidence on a record…you can’t deny it. I seen where he was doing an interview about Ja-Rule during the beef shit, he was saying that any n***a that just getting out of jail that don’t know what to do with himself is getting into the rap game. Recently when I just got out of jail, I didn’t now what to do. I wasn’t going to try and finish playing football. That’s when I was f***ing around with rapping, I wasn’t really rapping but when I heard that I was like f*** it…I really went hard at it. Fifty probably saved my life on some real shit.”