[Mixtape] Raheem – “Never Enough: LoveTalentPlay”

Raheem is an 18 year old artist from Toronto that is about to make some serious noise with his second official mixtape Never Enough: LoveTalentPlay. Raheem’s music is a blend of rap and r&b, and with many rappers adopting this style it becomes easy for comparisons to be made. But Raheem is able to make his sound his own, giving us something new and exciting. I’m really digging this project and with Raheem being only 18, the sky is the limit for the Toronto native. Check out the official video for “For You” which can be found on Never Enough: LoveTalentPlay. Stream or purchase the full 17-track album below.

Raheem writes and composes his music by himself. His inspiration comes from everything that surrounds him, mainly people, situations and attitudes that he encounters, thus making his music feel relative to anyone who hears it.