[Album] Attikus – “Boo Radley”

I recently caught up with Vancouver rapper Attikus while he was on tour in London with Teenburger, and was put onto his latest album, Boo Radley. I was very impressed with his live show, and equally impressed after listening to Boo Radley. The Wandering Worx signee and original member of the Vancouver boom bap band Groundbreakers brings a distinct blue-collar presence to his music, and delves deep into the human mind over hard-hitting boom bap beats and DJ cuts. Early favourites are “Poltergeists”, “Stay Up” ft. Fatty Down, “Manifesto”, and “Pa’ Dentro” ft. El Tipo Este. Stream Boo Radley below, and if you’d like to, purchase it by donation off his Bandcamp page.

I named this album about a character from the same book I took my name; “To Kill A Mockingbird”. This book always intrigued and engaged me and the moral of the story always had a profound influence on all my writing. In the classic novel, Boo Radley is misunderstood as a threat or shadowy figure to be wary or careful of, something he was not […] At times, like myself, Hip Hop is judged and misunderstood as something it is not, only to reveal itself as an ally with with positive characteristics […] Hip Hop is my Boo Radley.