[EP] J57 – “The Ports EP”

Brown Bag AllStar emcee/producer J57 dropped two EPs on May 22nd, The Ports EP and 2057 EP. The Ports EP is in memory of Bryan “Ports” Cole, one of J57’s best friends who passed away in March. Early favourites on The Ports EP are “Do Earth” featuring Von Pea, Charlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas and Jefferson Price, “Days Still Turn To Night” featuring the Brown Bag AllStars and Andrew Thomas, “Craft Brewed” featuring Silent Knight, and “Four Finger Ringers” featuring Sene. Stream and purchase The Ports EP below. Be on the lookout for a breakdown of 2057 EP soon.

In Memory of: Bryan “Ports” Coyle.

I dedicate this project to the memory of one of my best friends that left the world on March 13, 2012. Ports taught me how to rhyme – how to count bars, flow patterns, freestyle, etc. He also introduced me to the indie hip hop scene in the late 90’s & changed my life forever.

There would have never been a J57 if there had never been a Ports. Dedicating this project to him is the very least I could do.

R.I.P Ports

– J57