[Audio] Derek Christoff (aka D-Sisive) – “Asian Elvis”

One of my favourite Toronto rappers released some new heat over the beat of one of his all-time favourite songs. D-Sisive goes in over the instrumental to Cage’s “Down The Left Hand Path”. I am definitely enjoying getting some new music from Derek and am looking forward to his next project since his release of Run With The Creeps. Stream and download “Asian Elvis” below, but first get some insight on the track from the man himself.

This is some rap shit. Some ‘I’m better than you’ rap shit. Some ‘late night studio session’, ignorant rap shit.

Hip-Hop, you don’t stop. Blah…Blah…

Cage [ @CageWM ] is one of my heroes. His song, (Down) the Left Hand Path, is one of my all time favourite songs. I always wanted to rhyme on its beat. So I did.

[please cop Cage:Movies For The Blind off iTunes]

Hope you dig it.
<3 Derek

Download: Derek Christoff (aka D-Sisive) – “Asian Elvis”