[Mixtape] Relic – “For The Record”

“For The Record” is just that. Proceeds from this release will be put towards the cost of bringing you the next full length album “Miles to Go” available Sept. 7th, 2012. Please pay what you can. If you’re broke (like us) enjoy the music, and please help us spread the word by passing the link to others. Thank you for your continued support, financial and otherwise. – Relic

It’s been nearly a year since Relic aka REL McCoy’s last release, but the emcee/producer is back with his beat tape entitled For The Record. With 19 tracks, there’s plenty of beats for all tastes here, whether you want something to freestyle to or relax and kick back to. Upon first listen, my favourites are “Junction”, “Zesty”, “Introspec”, “KastAway”, “MonCher”, and “Victory”. Stream and download/ purchase the beat tape below.