[Interview] Styles P talks living like a Gangster and a Gentleman, living healthy, and secrets to longevity

Styles P and Sheek Louch Live in London, Ontario

In Part.1 of our interview with Styles P he talked to us about working with Curren$y, his book The Invincible and much more make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet. Continuing with Part. 2 I could tell Styles P is more focused than ever! He is promoting a healthy lifestyle by opening a Juice Bar in the Bronx, and giving advice on our diet.

It’s important to use our voice as artists instead of talking about jewerly and fast cars, I try to address some of the issues our community needs, like try to eat healthy, a lot of us have children and family. In America we don’t have free healthcare and most don’t have insurance so we should try to do as much as we can to prevent diseases and health risks. Most of us especially in Hip-Hop we have a fast life most of us ┬ádrink, smoke, and other things. We have to weight it out and at least eat right. Styles P.

With his busy lifestyle Styles P still takes the time to “wake up and smell the roses”, he tells us most important is his family, he takes time out to enjoy life with them because they are the reason he hustles so much. You can he is really motivated as this year he is involved in the Wu-Block album, World Most Hardest Emcee, a project with Diamond Clothing Company, working on a second book, if they don’t get the LOX paperwork figured out they will release a LOX Mixtape. Believe it or not Styles has been rapping since 1995, he shares with us the advice on what has given him longetivity in this career. Check this out and more in our interview with Styles P.

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