[Interview] Yelawolf talks about sharing his story and willing to die for it (Pt.1 and Pt.2)

Yelawolf Performance Live at the Music Hall London 2012

The Come Up Show is proud to present our interview with Yelawolf. Conducted in Toronto, Ontario at Community 54 right before his meet and greet, Yelawolf opened up to us about in detail about his life.

You have to have a lot of pain before you can be culturally impactful, once you share your story that’s the difference between a rapper and a superstar Yelawolf.

If you remember the XXL freshman roundtable last year Yelawolf gave some valuable advice to the younger emcees like Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, et al, about sharing your story and tribulations. Since Yelawolf has been through his fair share of pain, I asked him if he felt that all of the struggle had a purpose, if he knew that his story was being created when he was homeless living on food stamps.

There is no such thing as a plan b when you want to be successful. There is no plan b….What are you supposed to give up? That doesn’t make sense to me. Yelawolf

Our second question moved onto the decision Yelawolf made that sharing his story was his fate, that he has no plan b and he is wlling to die for it. I asked Yelawolf how and when did he know that? How could he be so sure that it was his purpose.

Moving onto a lighter topic Yelawolf tells us why he is growing more and more picky about beats, songs and production. He talked about when the era of producers blew up when everyone was getting the same sound from The Neptunes and Timbaland.

Check this out and more in Part.1 of our interview with Yelawolf on The Come Up Show.

Part. 2 of our interview with Yelawolf. I asked Yelawolf about his absence on social media, while everyone knows the benefits of being online. Yelawolf chose the alternative, he explains to us why he disconnected from twitter. With that said Yelawolf management does still keep his accounts active to keep the fans updated.

Back in 2010 Yelawolf was still using his twitter account and he tweeted “I’m afraid of the truth, but the truth is I haven’t to sleep sober in years”. I had to ask the meaning of this tweet and get him to expand on what truth he was afraid of.

Yelawolf tells us what keeps him insipred and on his toes in Hip-Hop from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, respect for the competition, inspired by watching other artists and artists like Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Jay-z the living legends.

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