[Mixtape] YONAS – “The Transition”

After breaking onto the scene last year with his cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” and his well-received album The Proven Theory, New York emcee Yonas is back with his mixtape, The Transition. Stylistically, The Transition is Electro and Top-40 influenced – something I wasn’t sure I’d be into – but the lyricism is still there, and the result is some pretty catchy music. Guest features include Logic (“Feels Right”), Brother Ali (“A Reason To Breathe”), DJ Corbett (“Not What You Think”), and Scotty James (“Wanna Be Loved”). Early favourites include “Don’t Give A Damn”, “Midnight City”, “Chasing Summer”, “Looking For You”, “A Reason To Breathe”, and “Pumped Up Kicks”. Stream and download The Transition below.