[Video] SepTO ft. Hundred Faces Group – “Nevera Evera”

Toronto emcee SepTO joins the NevR movement for a jam session and it results in pure dopeness. The track, or as Sep calls it their anthem, is called “Nevera Evera”. This was the first I had heard of either SepTO or the Hundred Faces Group and their Nevr movement. Sep does an awesome job flowing with the band and making this collaborative effort sound so genuine. I’m really digging the piano, I feel like it’s the backbone to the whole track. But the background vocalists as well as the rest of the band definitely do their thing respectively, making this a real group collaboration. Check out “Nevera Evera” below performed live by SepTO and the HFG.

Hundred Faces Group is a Canadian artist collective and “session musician agency.” SepTO (the T.O. is for Toronto if you didn’t already know) joins members of HFG, Brotha J and the rest of the NevR movement for Volume 3 on Lakeshore Boulevard. Check out SepTO’s freestyle arrangement/performance and more sessions at www.hundredfacesgroup.com.