[Album] J Bizness – “Flight Plan”

Mello Music Group producer and California native J Bizness just released the 25-track instrumental album Flight Plan, a laid-back journey over airy melodies, backed by crisp drums and electronic abstractions. I first heard of J Bizness when I took in Richard Wright’s Open Minded album earlier this year, which J Bizness produced. Throughout Flight Plan, various Mello Music Group artists share their own personal flight stories, serving as interesting and refreshing interludes to the instrumentals. Personal favourites include “Ascension”, “Cabin Pressure”, “High”, and “Dei Light” (Jansport J’s flight story is a definite highlight). Stream and purchase Flight Plan below.

Welcome aboard MMG Air. Your captain J Bizness welcomes you. This particular flight is about an hour from takeoff to landing. We ask that you observe our smoking sign and roll ’em if you got ’em, light up, and get as high as your captain. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.