[News] Artwork Revealed for Gemstones’ “Elephant in the Room” Mixtape

Gemstones just released the artwork for his upcoming mixtape, Elephant in the Room, which is scheduled for release this fall. We caught up with Lupe’s former partner over the summer to talk about the mixtape and upcoming album, as well as a whole host of other topics. The result is a 4-part interview series which will be released in the next month, leading up to the Elephant in the Room release. Below is a snippet from our interview, discussing the mixtape title:

M-Bomb: What’s the elephant in the room that you’re referring to?

Gemstones: Me. Gemstones, [as] the elephant in the room, just amongst all rappers and singers. I feel like I’m the one that sticks out. I’ve always been the one that stuck out [amongst] all rappers that I’ve ever been around, and I say that humbly. Since I’ve been rapping in the industry, every time I’ve done features with rappers, I’ve always been the sore thumb that stuck out.

Be on the lookout for more from Gemstones in the near future, including our interview with him.