[Album] Skyzoo – “A Dream Deferred”

Bedford-Stuyvesant emcee Skyzoo’s highly anticipated sophomore album A Dream Deferred is out today, marking the followup to his critically acclaimed debut album, The Salvation. On his sophomore effort, Skyzoo teams up with frequent collaborator !llmind (who serves as co-executive producer) to craft a deeper, bigger sound than the sample-based The Salvation. The album begins with the Fresh-sampling “Dreams In A Basement”, produced by !llmind and featuring Jill Scott, who sets the tone for the rest of the album in the chorus: “Sometimes I wonder, will I ever sleep the same? Cause I, I let these dreams keep me awake.” The album follows with the lead single, “JanSport Strings”, produced by 9th Wonder. Skyzoo then transitions to “Pockets Full”, an ode of sorts to Notorious B.I.G., featuring Philadelphia’s Freeway. Next up is the dubstep-inspired “Give It Up”, the second single off the album. “Glass Ceilings” is next, followed by a personal favourite, “Range Rover Rhythm”, produced by Jahlil Beats. The pace of the album slows down for the next two tracks, the smooth, Jessy Wilson-assisted “The Knowing”, followed by “Drew & Derwin”, featuring an excellent guest performance from Raheem DeVaughn (another highlight from A Dream Deferred). Skyzoo is joined by Jared Evan on the dreamlike “Realization”, which is followed by “The Rage Of Roemello”. On “Make It Through Hysteria”, Skyzoo provides some of the most memorable bars from the album, finishing the song with a spoken word piece: “No handouts used, because none was ever given […] See, when I said I wrote on the back of light bills, I really meant that […] I wrote, and I wrote, because no one else spoke. No judge, no jury, just purely how it goes.” Next up is “Steel’s Apartment”, a look into Skyzoo’s past, where “it all started at Steel’s Apartment”. Skyzoo is then joined by none other than Talib Kweli for “Spike Lee Was My Hero”, before closing out A Dream Deferred with the introspective “The Cost Of Sleep”. Overall, A Dream Deferred is a thoroughly solid album, and a carefully crafted storyline well worth paying attention to. Check out the making of A Dream Deferred below (via Vibe TV). For more on Skyzoo and A Dream Deferred, check out our recent interview with him.