[Mixtape] Chuuwee – “Wildstyle”

Chuuwee has been hard at work preparing for the release of his mixtape Wildstyle. Crown Me King dropped back in April, and it quickly became one of my favourite projects of the year. The California natives ability to bring back 90’s hip-hop is really something special. It’s rare for a young emcee to still take such an old-school approach with their music, and then pulling it off with such authenticity like Chuuwee does. Today Chuuwee’s pride and joy is released to the masses, and thankfully Wildstyle picks up right where Crown Me King left off. If you’re a real hip-hop head I think this is something you need to hear.

Stream and download are available below, but first check the trailer for Wildstyle released back in May before the May 29th release date was pushed back.

“Wild Style is the album that’s going to eradicate weak rap off the face of the map. It is the return of real Hip-Hop. It’s pure and it’s not me trying to re-make it. It’s not me telling you its 90s Hip-Hop; it is 90s Hip-Hop” – Chuuwee

Download: Chuuwee – “Wildstyle” (via. livemixtapes)