[Video] Big C – “Where I Belong” (Dir: Tim Saw)

“Music is a pastime for many; a song on the radio on the way home from work or a music video on a TV at the bar. For me, and for my listeners, music is about communicating the unspoken, and delivering knowledge through thoughtful lyricism. It is time that society regains consciousness because when all else fails, knowledge is the only power” – Big C

This is one of the best quality videos I’ve seen in a while. Shout out to Tim Saw for providing the sharp visuals to the homie Big C for the single Where I Belong shot in London, Ontario. Big C has rapidly increased his fan following by posting his songs on his YouTube channel, motivated by his fans in all areas of the world, he works diligently to create powerful music, geared to increase the number of conscious listeners in the world. He will be releasing a full mixtape for free download next month, for now check out Where I Belong and head over to his youtube channel for other favourites like Paper Paper.

Download: Big C- Where I Belong