[Album] Swamp Thing – “Creature Feature”

Inspired by good rap and bad b-movies, Swamp Thing is the brainchild of Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion. The Grindhouse EP offered a glimpse into the warped world of Swamp Thing, but now the b-movie monsters drag themselves out of the depths for their debut album, Creature Feature. The album features 13 tracks of b-movie influenced hip hop about mad scientists, monsters, space travel, blaxpoitation and more, with appearances from Ghettosocks (“The Damned”, “Creature Feature”), More Or Les (“First Contact”, “Creature Feature”), Wordburglar (“John Carpenter”, “Creature Feature”), Jesse Dangerously (“Creature Feature”), Mikal kHill (“Creature Feature”), Ambition (“Creature Feature”) and Modulok (“Creature Feature”). Stream and purchase Creature Feature below.