[Mixtape] OXYxMORON – “The Woods”

South Carolina’s OXYxMORON (consisting of members Pedro English, MENT Nelson, and Tony London) recently released their latest mixtape, The Woods. Running 21 tracks long, The Woods is a lyrically strong, soulful release, with a heavy dose of Southern flavour. Stream/download The Woods below, and read what the group had to say about the mixtape.

Tony: This album is my struggle, it’s my hopes and desires to get my family in a better place. This is album is my faith in God.

MENT: This album is literally my last hope. I dropped out of school, so all my eggs are in one basket. My dad is unemployed and my mom has a home daycare. They struggle so much, and I HATE watching it, especially since they’re such good people! It had to be as perfect as possible to potentially put me and my family in a better place, so that’s where the raw emotion comes from.

Pedro: For me this album is my journal. I’m not the best speaker so often times in conversation I’m not able to say exactly what I want or express myself how I want to, but with this body of work I was. I’m just starting to fully understand the whole concept of trusting in God ‘cause I’ll admit I worry ‘bout shit more than I should at times. Just as hard as God shows abundant blessings, Satan works just as hard to tear that down and the back and forth battle for your soul can tear you down in the process at times. So for me, this album is me reaffirming my faith and coordinating my inner with my outer… finding oneness.