[Audio] L The 12th Letter – “OWTH (Off With Their Heads)” Prod: DJ Merciless

Toronto emcee L The 12th Letter is gearing up to release his highly anticipated LP Hear No Evil, Music To My Ears within the upcoming months and to start things off he has released his lead single “OWTH” (Off With Their Heads) produced by DJ MERCILESS. Personally I have always liked what L has put out musically. I appreciate the fact that he always stays true to what he believes in and never compromise’s his sound to do what’s considered “In’ or “Trendy” in today’s music.

I think “OWTH (Off With Their Heads)” is a nice introduction for listeners to know what they can expect to hear from L’s upcoming project. The beat has a dope old school type feel to it and L always comes correct with his lyrics and subject matter. Take a listen and decide for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.