[Album] The 12th Letter – Hear No Evil | Music To My Ears

Toronto emcee 12th Letter has just released his debut LP, Hear No Evil | Music To My Ears

The project is:

“Executively produced by DJ Merciless, 12th Letter pays tribute to the city of Toronto by incorporated featured artists like songstress Andreena Mill and emcees Blake Carrington and Symmetry of the Shing-Shing Regime. Hear No Evil | Music To My Ears mandates a soulful vibe backed by powerful instrumentals, complex concepts and outstanding lyrical deliveries. A consistent trend on this album is the call for self-elevation, evident on the tracks “Music To My Ears” and “The XIIth Insight”, both tracks that uniformly thrust 12th Letter’s album objectives to the forefront. The lead single of the album, “Off With Their Heads”, and “Real MC” incorporates the boom-bap rap styling of the 90s and the poignant messages that push rap music forward. Meanwhile, “Higher”, which features Irish vocalist Frank Ryan, and “Smiling Faces” cater equally to a pop-rock crowd as well as a jazz-funk audience, allowing 12th Letter to shine in an alternative soundscape.

Heavy drum laced tracks, violin melodies and choir vocals string together the common themes of this album. Hear No Evil Music To My Ears is an admission of the struggles and fears of an independent artist, with the vivaciousness to overcome and rise above”.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments section