[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Interviews of 2012

If you click on the interview category on our website you will notice it isn’t interviews done by other journalists, blogs, etc. Since The Come Up Show conducts a considerable amount of original interviews; video, radio, and written, I decided since the creation of the website that this category be exclusive to The Come Up Show. 2012 was a great year for interviews especially in the written form, the homie M-Bomb who joined The Come Up Show last year conducted over 40 interviews alone and he isn’t slowing down this year. Every interview will be linked to the original post so if you haven’t read or watched it yet feel free to take it in.


It was really special to be able to hear Gemstones’ life story from start to finish. I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time, and yet after 2007, nobody seemed to remember him. To be able to hear him make his return with Elephant In The Room, and to be able to help share his story and hopefully attract some new listeners, was truly a privilege. – M-Bomb

Vic Mensa

I’ve been a fan of Vic since his first releases, so watching him progress as an artist and make a name for himself has been cool. His band Kids These Days are a special talent who are taking music to new heights integrating hip-hop, soul, jazz, rock and more into their own sound; Traphouse Rock. Vic shared some funny stories and was a stand up dude. Glad I got this opportunity.- David

Just Blaze

Meeting the producer that was a part of my favourite rappers biggest hits was such a blessing. I had a million and one questions I wanted to ask but, unfortunately I was given only a few minutes to sit down with the famed producer. Nonetheless the experience was amazing and Just Blaze is properly one of the most chill millionaires I will ever meet. He didn’t give one word answers, but stories to all my questions. Great interview.- BigSke

D-Sisive and Muneshine Call it Quits on Hip-Hop

One of the best and most important interviews I’ve been able to conduct. If you follow past interviews D-Sisive and I have done they have been pretty light hearted and hiliarous. This one took me by suprise because three time Juno nominated artist D-Sisive and his producer Muneshine called it quits on Hip-Hop. It was a total shocker not only to me and D-Sisive fans but the whole Canadian Hip-Hop community.- Chedo


I loved Charity Starts At Home, and had recently gotten into Little Brother’s The Listening (way late on this one, I know) when the opportunity to interview Phonte came up. It was a pleasure to hear about his time with Little Brother, as well as his solo music and his group, The Foreign Exchange. Really funny guy.- M-Bomb


This was a great interview to read because it’s what got me into ANTHM, I heard of his name buzzing on the blogosphere but never got the chance to take him in. With M-Bomb’s incredible interviewing skills, I was able to learn that he worked in Wall Street, which was very important learning experience for him that helped him in music and life. Word? How many Hip-Hop artists can say that?- Chedo

Rich Kidd

Having met Rich Kidd a bunch of times at a monthly beat lounge in Toronto I already knew that the Kidd was going places. Each month he would come with new hot beats that would win over the crowd and make himself a fan favourite each time, his grind is something to be admired and respected. When the opportunity came around to Interview Rich Kidd I jumped at the chance. I knew his hustle and respected his come up. Interviewing Rich Kidd is properly one of my most entertaining interviews I’ve done thus far. With Rich Kidd you never know what he’s going to say next and he keeps it one hundred at all times.- BigSke


It was great to interview Kayo, who’s one of my favourite artists coming up right now. He’s a mad talented dude, and he’s got an exciting future. To be able to speak with Kayo about his experience with Snoop Dogg, as well as learn more about how he got into hip-hop, was a really memorable experience.- M-Bomb


I was a huge fan of The Salvation and The Great Debater, and was definitely excited to be able to interview Skyzoo about his new album, A Dream Deferred. Being able to pick the brain of one of hip-hop’s best lyricists was definitely special. – M-Bomb

Styles P

Styles P and Sheek Louch Live in London, Ontario

I grew up on the Lox and I’ve always respected Styles P lyricism and wordplay. Knowing Chedo’s worth ethic and preparation I knew that the interview would be nothing less than great. Seeing Styles P talk about everything from healthy living to his family was inspiring.- BigSke