[Interview] Rich Kidd and SonReal talk importance of having fun, live performance, and more

You’ve might have read our previous interviews with SonReal and Rich Kidd before and if you haven’t make sure to check them out by clicking the previous links. October 16, 2012 Rich Kidd and SonReal released their collaborative album The Closers which features production from Rich Kidd, Beat Merchant, Arthur McArthur, and Wonda Gurl. The homies had a great viral campaign releasing webisodes leading up to the album release and released an official video for Money Money and more are on the way.

I caught up with Sonreal and Rich Kidd on their Canadian tour stop at Fanshawe College in London, On. Our interview started with discussing the humour in Rich Kidd’s music and he tells us why it’s important to him to keep it playful, SonReal gave us a perfect example by reciting one of his rhymes in the song Best Believe. Even though The Closers (SonReal and Rich Kidd) have worked plenty of times together, they tell us what they’ve learned from performing together and how to deliver a show that is full of energy, flow and fun! They also share with us why it was important for them to record the album together instead of electronically as is the norm today in the music industry. Check this out and more in our interview with SonReal and Rich Kidd on The Come Up Show and let us know what your favourite song is from the album in the comment section below.