[Interview] TFHOUSE talks Young Desperado, art of Sacrifice, being aggressive in his music and more

The homie TFHOUSE visited us on The Come Up Show Radio a few weeks ago and wow what an amazing interview and time we had. We started off by talking about what TFHOUSE was up to in 2012, he shared with us his best memories from opening for Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa and how it improved his live performance. We continued to playing Play Your Part and TFHOUSE talked about his upcoming third project Young Desperado and how it’s a collection of music rather than classfying it as a mixtape or album. He further explained Young Desperado is kind of being desperate for just about everything you really desire whether its love or money, that extreme point of desperation where you are willing to do anything to obtain those feelings. From there the conversation naturally progressed to sacrificing, letting go of something and wondering if you made the right or not.

When you hear it…put it this way, the ignorance on it, is really aggressive, I say some really outlandish things but when I’m being vulnerable, its also really aggressive, I’m literally letting it all out. When I sound depressed on it, its very aggressive at the same time, when I mean the aggression is there, it means every element of my emotions I’m trying to get out is a lot more aggressive, I really mean it and its coming from a honest place.

TFHOUSE discussed so many things with us in this interview that I can’t possibly all type it out since its a 15 minute video interview, you will definitely learn a lot about him as a music fan and artists take note and check it out in full below!

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