[Interview] HD of The Upperclass Men on The Come Up Show Radio

If you pay 5 bucks for admission, you’re basically getting a 80 dollar show. So you’re basically saving 75 bucks when you come to our show.

If I could describe us, we would be…. If the X-Men could rap and play instruments and Kanye West is professor X. That would be us…”HD of The Upperclass Men HD of The Upperclass Men

We called HD of The Upperclass Men in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY, the home of Biggie, Hova, Eddie Murphy, and I didn’t know until HD mentioned it, that Michael Jordan is also from Brooklyn. If you didn’t know already The Upperclass Men make their way to Toronto, London and Hamilton this week! HD told us what an Upperclass Men show is like, how the band came to be, talked about the Parachutes EP and more. My first time speaking to HD and I’m really excited to meet him and the band seems like a cool people! Listen to the full interview below and come out to any of the shows this week!

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