[Interview] Mac Miller talks about his most personal album “Watching Movies with the sound off”

Mac Miller, Sonreal and Rich Kidd, Come Up Boys @ UWO

The last time we interviewed Mac Miller was almost exactly two years ago, it was his first time ever in Canada, and he was just 18 years old. Fast forward to 2013 Mac Miller is already off to a great start, he was awarded Complex Magazine “Man Of Next Year” award which is a spotlight on the artists who are set to transform “the worlds of Music, Sports, Art and Design, Pop Culture, and Style”. As the winner Mac received a luxurious custom made varsity jacket designed by Marc Ecko, a custom Fisker Karma car valued over 100 grand, and he shared with us how that honor felt. Mac Miller also opened up about his upcoming album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, he told us it’s the most personal album he has ever recorded and why he decided to open up with us. I asked him if he felt a little bit of insecurity about releasing very introspective music and how he feels people will respond. Mac answers these questions and what he has planned for the rest of 2013. Check this out and more in our interview with Mr. Most Dope aka Mac Miller.

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