T.Y. - 500 Autumn Nights Album Cover

Clever, witty and wise, the young Hamilton artist T.Y. drops part two of his 500 Autumn Nights series, right off the start of the mixtape you’re instantly hooked as you embrace this emcee’s talent. Check out 500 Autumn Nights: Side B and let us know if your feeling it.

1. The Love 3 (Prod: Jay Circa)
2. It’s My Time (Prod: The Union)
3. S.O.L.E. (Someone Love Effects) (Prod: Izzy the Kid)
4. Slide Out ft. Jesse Doreen of Counterparts (Prod: Izzy the Kid, Jesse Doreen)
5. Five (Prod: The Union)
6. Money ft. JTrue (Prod: The Union)
7. K.I.N.G.S Over Everything (Interlude) (Prod: Chanslin)
8. We Got One ft.Slur (Prod: Mcfly)
9. You Got Me (Prod: Izzy the Kid)
10.Cant Do together (Prod: Chanslin)
11.Glory (Prod: Jay Circa)
12.The Love Outro (Prod: Montana Morris)
13.S.O.L.E Pt. 2 (Prod: Izzy the Kid)
14.Lovely (Prod: The Hitman)
15.Do You Hear It? ft. Legz (Prod: TBA)

Download: 500 Autumn Nights: Part B