Sese - Age of Aquarius Front

[Album] Sese – “Age of Aquarius”

Sese - Age of Aquarius Front

As time draws near to the release of Sese’s first official EP Age of Aquarius on March 25th, he gives fans a taste of what’s to come by making the album available for pre order. Sese has given out a hand full of free quality music in the past like YFRWN, YFRWN 2 and overly dedicated himself to his craft, so now it is our time to support an artist we’ve all been a fan of over the years. The production list on this project is crazy too! 2oolman, Vokab, Superville, The Beat Merchant and Jazzy Feezy all give a hand on this long overdue EP. As far as features Sese only has NMG’s Syph and Harvey Stripes, so we get a lot him on this one!

Sese - Age of Aquarius Back

Sese has been releasing video blogs giving his thoughts on the album the past two days, check them out here.

By pre ordering the album now you get to download the song T.H.R in advance and trust me, it’s a tease! Head over and pre order your copy now and let me know how stoked you are for this album.

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